Daily quest guides

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Daily quest guides

Post by Cay on Mon Jun 15, 2015 11:16 am

We are hoping you are all doing faction base dailies. I myself hate them lol but they need to be done to keep our base healthy. Healthy Base=Active Faction. Active Faction=Healthy game friendships Razz corny but true.. They also give decent experience.

So Please do you Faction Base Dailies.

Veno Daily for Feral Foul Stars can be picked up daily at the Zoo Keeper by the South Archosaur Teleporter.

Remember to always pick up your 70+ and or 100+ dailies from the tournament agent. Amazing exp, cosmic packs and for the 70+ daily a lunar token. 8 Lunar tokens = 1 Lunar 95 weapon that can be made into a exceptional 100+ weapon. 32 Lunar tokens = Lunar Gear that after third recast is second best to the R9R3 armor and Weapon.

Pv for those 95+ and 110+ can be done three times daily. Purely for exp.

BH's can be picked up daily and they do stack. If you ever need BH help feel free to ask.

Remember to always do your Primal World dailies. The more of those you do the more spirit you gain the harder you hit. Along with the exp, primal bloods, old book pages and Skills that can be acquired. At some point FSP will be opened for card farming, that will be fantastic.

There are dailies that can be done in Morai, I'm going to admit I've done none, so maybe someone who has done them can add to this so people know what to do and what they give.

Do your dailies cheers

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Daily Kitty boss Locations

Post by Guest on Tue Jun 30, 2015 12:29 am

here is a link that shows where the daily kitty bosses are   for ppl like me that are new and dont know



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